Wynwood Walls and Wheels

A night to remember for ages. Yes, this happened back in February. But it is still a meet a lot of people that went, still bring up today. It was the staple of what the car scene is capable of.

When I say we, I'm talking about REVVolution. It's a company Alex Goin, Camaro Mary, and I started to do these car meets on a bigger scale. We don't have an office to plan everything. We do everything to give back to the community. We'll work with other nonprofit organizations or charities to bring awareness and a donation to them.

"Wynwood Walls and Wheels" was a car show we did to promote the company and bring awareness to Miami Supercar Rooms. They are a company that focuses on hosting parties, professionally. Elo, the owner of Supercar Rooms, gave us the opportunity to do a kind of, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal. So, us with REVVolution, didn't hesitate and took it. And we tried to make sure that show had it all.

After our meeting with Elo and his team, Alex, Mary and I got to work. Brainstorming ideas, calling up local businesses we knew that would like to help, and set a date that didn't interfere with anything else going on. The result, nothing but extraordinary. In a good way of course.

Everyone gave us their support. And the event became way bigger then we thought.

All sorts of stuff came out that night. From you drift spec, zip-tie cars to your pro show off cars like that Camaro. We had a bar, food trucks, and really loud music. And you thought the actual lot was packed? The streets on either side of the lot were packed all the way to the next block over. There was a show going in a small corner of Wynwood.

At the end of it all. Elo and his team was happy. REVVolution was, and still is, happy. We hope we made a good name for our self's that night. Maybe you'll keep your eyes out for the next show we decide to do. Who knows?

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