Why I've Been a Ghost.

It really has been a while since I wrote a blog piece, I felt like I should update the people that keep coming on here to see whats been going on. A lot behind the scenes has been getting worked on, as well as some personal stuff has been coming up and I want to expand on that.

Lets start with the meets. Recently, I made a piece about the "Take overs" going on, and how they should stop. Since, I was blocked by those people I briefly talked about, as well as received hate DMs from the degenerates that support that type of stuff. But, better meets have been popping up. I've been trying to promote those as much as I can while still trying to focus on the brand. Now, there's meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This weekend was the last "Cars and Coffee" in Kendall for 2019. I herd big things were coming for that meet in 2020 that I'm very ready for.

To expand on the weekly meets, a new one that's being started by a great friend of mine Vic, that runs the @drift4epilepsy page on Instagram, started a meet in Doral where new stores just opened up. This means a refreshed venue, nicer area, new lot, and Vic has this mind set that I don't think many of these other car meets hosts can keep up with. I am the co-host for the next one, and I'm going to be a damn good one too!

Now to some of the personal stuff. I say personal when its really nothing big. I got a new car. A car that I feel I can make something of for the brand. Like a mascot, or a joke piece. You've probably already seen it, if your following me on my main page. I mean if your reading this you probably already do.

I'll write more updates on the car if you guys want. Let me know if you think that's a fun idea.

I've also been reconnecting with people I've lost touch with before, as well as meeting new people actually. This past weekend I was recognized twice by a few people that have been following the page almost since it started. It's been a new feeling of getting people you don't know, coming up to you and meeting the people that you don't know that genuinely like your work.

New merch is on the way as well. Elephant in the room, my designs havn't been the best so I have been trying to expand and collaborate with a few artists to see what I can bring to the table as well as bring light to some awesome local artists.

So, I'm still alive. I'm just keeping my cards close to my chest and working in the dark. If you share everything you do, your bound to have someone come and ruin your progress. I guess that'll be the lesson for this blog post.

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