The Wrong Side of the Car Scene

The act of being a hoon or driving recklessly, racing, doing burnouts etc., also known as Hooning. This has been slowly sophisticating the car community as a whole. We've all experienced a piece of these types of people that don't seem to think its that big of a problem.

Yes this isn't going to be the average, happy, fun stuff i usually talk about. But this has been bothering me for a while.

Now, lets start with a personal story of mine, and go back to the beginning of this year. February, car meet at Steak N' Shake. White Supra, driven by a father, proceeded to do a donut in the parking lot. Of course, the police was alerted and, like a proper domino effect, the meet was canceled until further notice. Word got out of what happened, copy-cats that didn't mind this man ruining a decent car meet spot, and proceeded to follow in his footstep and ruined a Carolina-Ale House Car meet that was revived, ruined PDQ Chicken car meet, etc. It goes without say, meets were dropping left and right. The beginning of 2019 seemed like a steep drop off for the car scene.

This would sound very familiar if you are up to date with what is going on with the people supporting @streetaddictzmiami or @streetlife_cc. Pop-up meets coming up last minute on their Instagram Stories, videos of them basically breaking the law, and followed by nothing but blind supporters.

With just a little bit of research done, modified cars in California have been under a heavy boot. Owners of modified cars, depending on the modifications done to the cars, have been given a hefty fine, to even getting their cars impounded. This of course was enforced after numerous amounts of videos being given as proof that anyone with modified cars have been a danger to people participating, even the drivers.

Lets focus on one of these other Instagram accounts that I mentioned earlier. These are videos straight from @streetaddictzmiami. I screen recorded them to show you how they display what they do as if its a good thing, like trophies. This is a public profile so anyone can view these videos. Here they are in an intersection, people in the middle of two cars doing donuts around them.

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT try and of this at home. I DO NOT support the acts in these videos.

After seeing these videos I confronted @streetaddictzmiami by messaging them through Instagram. Direct messages, I cannot display, shows them lying about this video. Saying "The intersection was a one time thing, this is a private road with zero to minimal traffic." You can can clearly see its is a busy intersection at a very late time in the day, minimal traffic. Also want to point out this was not a one time thing. This next video has a huge group at a warehouse lot, private property, with some cars doing a burnout while one car dose a risky burnout around one of these said cars.

Not realizing this is PRIVATE PROPERTY and HIGHLY ILLEGAL, they go ahead and dig their own graves by posting these videos. And for my last piece of evidence. Two cars doing a tandem donut while one barley hits a big portion of the crowd, while someone hanging out of the window.

I'm not able to show you any videos from @streetlife_cc, they blocked me after I confronted them about the videos they had, as well as accusations made against the owner of the car club. These are serious claims that I cannot talk about because someone else is dealing with that issue.

I know there is going to be a lot of hate coming my way after showing these videos, putting light on what these people are doing for the rest of the car scene, and not "keeping they name out my mouth." But this shows you the toxic side of what most people really see us as. They do illegal acts and defend them, when in reality we can do a lot more good then bad. Not ruining someones private property or even risking lives to "have fun."

Personally, I feel if you want to do a donut or a burn out, or even drift or race. Do it on a track. Its very simple. A controlled environment where if something goes wrong, there's no collateral's. Even keeps our race tracks in business. This is exactly why Fast Lane Fridays exists. If you want to keep modding your cars and going to car meets, think before you ruin this for the rest of us.

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