Give Back at the Track at Homestead Miami Speedway

All Pictures sent in by Sidney-Alexander Coca

"TeamBimmerMIA" Car Club participated in their second annual "Give Back at the Track" event hosted by Homestead Miami Speedway, where you get to drive your car around NASCAR's Championship Oval to support “Driving for a Cause”.

Before I go on to talk about how awesome this is for the car community, I want to give a big shout-out to Sidney-Alexander Coca. The FIRST donor to help bring this site up. Him and the rest of his car club have been nothing but supportive of everything I've done, and I didn't want to go on without saying that first. Back to why your reading this.

Something that is very important to our community is supporting the race tracks that let us race our hearts out without breaking any laws. Time and time again I've seen a lot of videos and stories of tracks being abandoned and just left there as a waste of space. But, we have the people from TBM that have a creative way to help.

Not only did they have a track day to bring money into the Homestead Speedway, they also collected over 100 canned goods and other non-perishable items to donate to Farm Share, a local food bank which is on-site every year during the event. Their team all donated in order to participate, which lead to a very generous donation. I mean really killing two birds with one stone here. Sadly, I couldn't make it that day to get more great photos for you guys, but I will be out there next time. Mark my words.

What better way to enjoy your BMW, support your local race track and donate to charity at the same time? Of course, any and every car IS invited to join and help. Their car club is not just for BMW's, because they do love all cars. TBM just so happens to love BMW's a little more.

Lastly, just want to end this by suggesting you keep an eye on what "TeamBimmerMIA" is up to. Make sure to follow them for future events and to join the team. That is @teambimmermia on Instagram.

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