From Test to Success

December 12, 2019. Vic from the Instagram page, Drift4epilepsy, hosted a meet in Doral close to Top Golf. And on December 19, 2019, a full fledged meet was hosted, co-hosted and even sponsored by local crews. In my opinion, a meet that has been more successful in a test run then most meets that have been going on. A new venue no one has done before, and in a lot that's very new and even looks great.

I wrote in my last piece that it was happening, and how I was excited for this event to happen. I was not let down. Recently, I was honored to be a co-host for the last meet of the year. A Christmas themed meet, geared to get people into the festive mood by dressing up there cars to win some prizes. Vic also had United Empire and Aggressive Driving Club as co-hosts as well. They pitched in to have a bigger prize for the winner.

George was the winner for best dressed car of the night.

Vic, the co-hosts and I worked indirectly with each other promoting this event for the whole week. Still a great turn out. Creative cars came out, music, and just a great time overall. Whats been needing to happen for the local car scene for a very long time.

Video produced and provided by the panda himself

This piece is not to talk about the meet itself, but about the host.

Vic is technically a one man show at the moment. He's been making his own merch, his own decals, even making big steps in his networking skills. Now, hes come out with this meet, and it can only get better from here. I would go as far to say its an updated version of the Ale House meets we had every Wednesday, that was recently canceled, again. Something to note that Vic is trying to do this weekly, and every Thursday.

Needless to say, in 2020, this meet will be a hallmark for everyone's plans every week. Vic hasn't told me much to be able to write in this piece. He's keeping his cards close to his chest which is very smart. He wont give any more details out unless they are final. But if I know him well enough, this is going to blow a good way.

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