Cars and Coffee (Kendall)

Cars and Coffee. A true iconic piece of the car scene almost around the world. Instead of going to McDonald's for breakfast, everyone with a love for cars gathers up at a spot that has some of the best Cuban coffee there is. Personally, these car meets are really my favorite. These events always bring out the most creative people.

That hot rod has to be the coolest cart I've seen. Inside there's only enough flooring for seats and the driver and passengers feet. Other then that there's plenty of opened spot to see right to the floor. Below, there's more detailed pictures of the engine. But, this is exactly the type of creativity you could see at any Cars and Coffee.

The main Cars and Coffee I am able to go to is the one in the Kendall area here in Miami. The one in the Town and Country mall to be more exact. I've seen a lot of crazy builds and exotic cars go to the one in West Palm Beach, but for me to even make it there id probably have to get about 4 hours of sleep to make that drive. A tired driver is not a safe one.

In conclusion, if there is a Cars and Coffee event in your area, you probably don't want to miss out on the experience. The networking potential is high and finding people with the same love and passion for anything car related, like me, is also something to behold.

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