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Hey guys. Back to posting a little more now. Lets get to the story though.

In the car scene, the one thing you hear a lot of are crazy stories on how someone built their car, or stuff they did in their car, etc. It's something that really engages the rest of us to know to still have fun with our hobbies. With the stories is always good times, but we all know that.

Lets get to that beauty on the top there. Just a regular Audi right? Nope! Fully built 2012 Audi A4 Quattro. Built by Alex Morejon. Better known as mjastanced_alex on Instagram. You guys want to know how fully built this car is? He was kind enough to give me the ENTIRE modifications list to his car.

  • Apr stage 2 tune

  • Cts front mount

  • Cts downpipe

  • Apr short throw shifter

  • Go fast bits dv+

  • K&n Cold air intake

  • Turbo back exhaust

  • D maxxton front lip

  • Rear custom diffuser

  • Carbon fiber duck tail

  • Glo shift boost gauge

  • LV embossed carbon fiber interior pieces/

  • Black suede interior roof

  • Rotiform CCV wheels 19x10 +35

  • Silvers coil over super low set 25k spring rate

  • Je forged pistons .50mm oversized

  • Je forged rods

  • Ferrea built cylinder head

  • Ferrea exhaust/intake valve

  • Ferrea rocker arms

  • Ferrea retainer springs

  • carbon fiber dash/interior pieces

  • Leather w/ red diamond stitched floor

  • Leather w/ red diamond stitched trunk

  • Custom aero side splitters

  • Metallic red painted timing chain covers

  • Metallic red painted valve cover

  • Metallic red painted oil pan

  • Metallic red painted intercooler w/ pipes

  • Metallic red painted down-pipe

  • Apr turbo muffler delete

  • Built head fereda exhaust valves and retainer springs

  • Port and polished

  • P3 ac vent afr gauge

  • Ecs tuning Carbon fiber mirrors

  • Forge motor sports wastegate

Really long list huh? I don't think I can get every mod in one picture. Of course when you are inside the car you can tell this thing is packing heat. No, it does not have air bagged suspension. Yes, it is static. And just so i can answer your next question. No, it surprisingly rides very smooth. Lets not forget it is an Audi at the end of the day.

And the noises in the front and the back from this Audi, is basically every car guys dream. Something to really break necks. Even driving next to it is music to your ears. Like a symphony of metal and explosions. Alex is one of the few to be able to fully build this Audi and still have a Suabru WRX STI on the side as his daily. Personally, wouldn't have something with a glass engine as a daily but hey, to each their own. Lets also not forget how this wasn't born from a performance shop. Built in a driveway. A DRIVEWAY. By hand. I can barely change my oil in my drive way. I can only imagine ripping out a whole engine. Then again I don't have the same garage Alex does.

Now, it goes without say that Alex did have a few bumps in the road. Pun intended. This was over the course of a few years. Promises of this project being finished, then parts came late or he was on the verge of selling the whole car, being fed up with the stress of finishing. Next, Engine was about to go back in, then paint came a part of the project. Most recently, the Audi was up and running till it started spewing out oil like a fountain. Alex did call me to tell me the bad news of the oil just spitting out every where, and I honestly thought he was talking about his Subaru for a second. Needless to say it was very upsetting for him.

So far however, it has been up and running, and a lot of running at that. This Audi has been something I have been very excited but patient for. Seeing something well put together like this, and how Alex stuck to his heart and didn't listen to any negativity to get this done. Now pumping out close to 400 wheel horsepower to all four wheels. It looks good doing it on those 19 inch Rotiforms too. Lets also not forget its manual, so everyone is having fun.

I tried to go the extra mile and get a small video to show off the car so, hope you enjoy the video and the rest of the pictures I have.

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