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My name is Cris. Better known as Coat Gang. What some people don't know is that "Coat" actually stands for, "Cars Over All Things."


I have a strong passion for anything with a motor and wheels. I love to capture a story, a moment, a creation, and together show the true culture of Miami, keeping the colors vivid and vibrant. 


This page is to report on events and creations out there that go unnoticed. From garage builds to new mechanic shops opening up around the corner. From car meets, to car show and charity events. I want to cover it all. 

As your Photographer, I will dedicate everything to keeping you informed on my process and everything I do, as transparent and honest as possible. Don't be afraid to contact me.

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Many clients approach me with requests to capture the beauty of their cars, that they put so much money and effort into getting noticed. You've come to the right place to get it shown to the masses.


We offer this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. They sometimes reach out for more personal shoots. This might be for you.


Many clients approach me with requests to capture the special moments of their events. This can range from any type of event from my usual car scene events to weddings and birthdays. I do it all.



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